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Corporate Events

Corporate Events





If you are looking for an experienced DJ/MC that can provide a fun-filled, memorable, and thoroughly enjoyable entertainment experience for you and your guests… then you have come to the right place!!

Every event is unique, and you are too! You have your own individual vision of what you want your event to be. Once you’ve had a chance to look through this site, let’s connect. Once I know more about you and your ideas… then I can put all those wonderful details together, and create a wedding experience that will suit you perfectly!

Well hello there!

I have worn many hats in the entertainment Industry: Singer/Musician/Entertainer, Nightclub DJ, Hospitality consultant, Entertainment and Promotions Manager, Voice-over artist, and of course Mobile MC/DJ for weddings and other special events (wow! I should really get a hat rack!)

I share this with you because …it matters. (Cue dramatic music)

  • It matters… that I have a lot of experience with a variety of audiences.
  • It matters… that I know how to speak clearly, professionally, and can command people’s attention.
  • It matters… that I know how to make your event timeline flow smoothly.
  • It matters… that I know how to interact with your guests when some interaction is needed.
  • It matters… that I know how to program the right music, to help create the right feeling for each moment.

At least… it WILL MATTER on the night of your event (end dramatic music).

I believe that my vast experience, positive and professional delivery, and passionate commitment to service… help me to create a memorable connection with my clients & audiences”.

“I love what I do, and would love to have an opportunity to do what I do… for you!”

Let’s connect so I can learn how to serve you best!