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Corporate Event

From team building events, to awards nights, to the much anticipated Christmas/year end party. I will help to make your corporate event an entertaining success.

Offering interactive MC & DJ services, Audio production, Big Screen video entertainment, Specialty lighting, Superfun photo-booth, and more. I will customize services to suit your corporate event brand, ideas, wants, and needs.  

The Immaculate Event
  • Early set up (completed before cocktails).
  • 7+ hours of services from cocktails to the end of the night.
  • Just the right cocktail/dinner music …at just the right volume.
  • Hands on sound production throughout (no awkward silences).
  • Complimentary MC services.
  • DJ entertainment personally hosted by Klay Tate.
  • Professional full range sound and colorful dance-floor lighting (suitable for up to 150 ppl).
  • Wide variety of the best ‘Radio friendly’ dance and party music.
  • + Complimentary cool down music at the end of the night (while we pack up).

$1,795 + gst

This package may suit you perfectly as it is. Or, you may wish to add some of the following services.  Let’s discuss your ideas, wants, and needs …then, I can help create the perfect package for you, and I will provide you with an exact quote.

  • Surround sound (AKA: Smart Sound)
  • Big Screen entertainment package.
  • 50″ flat screens on 6′ skirted stands.

Music Mania show

Fun, sociable, clean humored, interactive entertainment for your event. Perfect for events under 150 people, and when you want to have more than just dinner & a dance.  Music Mania is a mix of ‘Name that tune’, Video trivia, interactive contests, and a lot of laughs! Tables/teams play for points & prizes. A couple of short breaks are built in so people can grab ‘fresh air’ or socialize. It lasts 60-90 minutes (depending on how much fun we’re having, and how many teams are playing). I can customize to suit any theme or event you have in mind!


  • Myself as your host.
  • Big screen entertainment package, or twin 50″ flat screens (depending on the layout).
  • Random silly giveaways.
  • All music, games, props, and prizes.

Follow it up with some dancing (oh yeah, they’ll be ready to dance), and you will have yourself a fun filled interactive evening that everyone will rave about!

Complimentary MC Services:

Most of what your guests will remember from your corporate event happens before the dancing begins. So …your MC must make a good impression, and set the pace for the entire event! The perfect MC is organized, personable, and a comfortable public speaker. If you have someone that fits that description …perfect! If not …no worries. I will keep everything flowing smoothly …and keep you and your guests informed, entertained, and smiling from cocktails through toasts.

DJ Entertainment:

I will work with you in advance to select any music that will compliment your event and/or presentations. By taking requests and expertly reading the room (like a pro) …I will keep the dance-floor busy with a wide mix of the most popular ‘radio friendly’ dance & party music from all time. Package includes a full range sound system, plus tasteful dance-floor lighting (Suitable for up to 150 people).

Surround Sound (AKA: Smart Sound)

Additional speakers, placed strategically, will result in better sound overall coverage at a much lower volume. This means everyone will hear announcements and presentations at a much more comfortable level. This is the solution for larger, longer, divided venues, or any event of 150+ people.

Big Screen entertainment package:

Just the thing for a professional looking presentation. With a 6’x8’ (108″) rear projection screen …no cables or projector are visible, or in anyone’s path. Because of this, I can continue to use the screen throughout the evening  to entertain everyone with entertaining video clips (the non-dancers really appreciate this). And, because we have only one chance to get it right …I provide a complimentary backup projector and computer for guaranteed performance!

* If your space does not allow for a big screen …no worries! I can provide smaller 50″ flat screens on 6′ skirted stands.

Complimentary cool-down music (+):

As I pack up my equipment (approx. 45-60  minutes), you and your guests will enjoy some background “feel good, sociable, cool-down” music …while drinks are finished, cabs are called, and other plans are made. It’s a great way to cool things down …naturally!

Superfun photo booth:

Interactive “photo-tainment” for your event! (See Photo booth page)

LED Up-lighting packages:

Transform or accentuate any venue with gorgeous light!

L.E.D. up-lighting will enhance the décor and add some “ooh…ahh” to any event. It is also the perfect solution for venues with little or no mood lighting (Yup… pretty and functional!)

Choose up-lighting, radiant columns, or a mix of both! We can customize to suit your vision!


“Ooh!” package – 10 lights, perfect for small/medium size venues ($350)

“Ahh!” package – 20 lights, perfect for larger venues or to “paint” small/medium sized venues ($650)

* Additional lights can be added. Chat with me about your vision, and I will make it come to life!

Radiant columns:

Upgrade your “Ooh or Ahh” Up-light package with 7 foot tall luminous columns creating a 360 degree glow. ($25 per column …minimum of 2).

* We can mix & match Up-lights with lighted columns to achieve just the look you want!

* GST will be applied to total services.

* All packages include Connect music licence and 2 million liability insurance.

* Prices and packages are subject to change without notice. (Discuss with Klay)

* Travel charges may be added for certain destinations. (Discuss with Klay).

A few of the corporate event venues we love working with: