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Vocal Branding Services

I can provide Vocal Branding Services for all of your on hold telephone messages, radio spots, or weekly telephone directory listings.


I have have done voice-over and copy writing for many years, for many different clients. One client for example (for the past 17 years), is the Great Northern Casino in Grande Prairie, Alberta. So why not start there? Give a listen to the samples, or feel free to call the Casino at 780-539-4454 to hear what I do.

Signature Radio/TV voice-over services:

Ads can be very effective, and that is why there are so many of them. So it is very important to make your message stand out among all of the others. One of the best ways to do this is to have some stand out features in your ads…such as humor, music, tag lines, and of course…a signature voice that is recognizable and stands out. That is what our Vocal Branding Services can do for you!

Recognition is key: Even if the listener only catches a bit of your message…they should instantly be able to link the voice, style, music, tag lines, etc… to your business. IE: Fountain Tire. For many years, actor/comedian Thom Sharp has been the voice (and the face) for Fountain Tire ads. As soon as you hear his voice “Going to Winnipeg”…you know it’s Fountain Tire. And even if you missed the whole commercial…Fountain Tire still goes to the “Top of mind” because of recognition. I would love to create recognizable, memorable, and effective messages for you that will STAND OUT in your market area.

Main ‘On hold’ message:

Have you ever called a business and been put on hold only to be met with awkward silence or cheesy canned music? It’s the worst! I will create a custom main on hold greeting so that when clients call…they will be greeted with a professional, warm and personable voice providing them with up to date information about your business.

Weekly phone directory updates:

Whether it’s changes in your staff directory, or updates to your weekly specials and promotions…no longer will you have to try and find an employee to “do the phone thing”. No longer will weeks (or months) go by before you realize that your messages are outdated. I will take care of all of that for you. And I will keep your directory listings consistent and up to date. Updates will be done prior to business open every single Monday (if that works best).


Main "On Hold" Message

What your clients will hear when they are put on hold.

Price shown based on a 2 minute recorded message.

Additional time, and future updates to your message will be prorated.

Includes script, Voice-over, and Mp3 quality audio

Phone directory, weekly updates
$195 per month

Ideal for businesses with changing weekly specials and Promotions.

Staff directory listings,  promotions, hours of operation, etc.

Updated once per week (ready to go for Monday morning).

Radio Commercials
Start at $75

As required.

Prices vary depending on the market you are in (Vancouver will be priced higher than Red Deer). Let’s chat, discuss your ideas, wants, and needs…and I’ll provide you with a quote.

Includes script writing, voice-over by Klay Tate, and broadcast quality audio production.

Contact me today and let’s talk about your particular situation and I will be glad to put together a quote.

I love what I do…and would love an opportunity to do what I do…for you!