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Voice-over & Media Services

Providing unique, personable, and professional Media services for your business. Keeping your customers connected, informed, and entertained.


When your customers call, they will be greeted by a personable and professional message providing them with important information about your business. Whether you want your message to be straight and to the point, or something with a little more personality and humor. I can create just the feeling you want.

I will update changes in your staff directory, or updates to your weekly specials and promotions. No longer will weeks or months go by before you realize that your messages are outdated. I will take care of everything for you on a weekly basis… keeping your message consistent, up to date, personable and professional.

We already know that Social Media is important. But, you may not have the time to create attention getting social posts on a consistent weekly basis. Or navigate the periodic changes to algorithms, guidelines, and rules. No worries… I can handle all of that for you! With some general information from you, I will create posts that are true to your brand and designed to keep people engaged, entertained, and following while attracting more followers! I will check in with you monthly to see what is new for you and your business that you would like to share with the public.

Engagement Management: Otherwise known as… replying to customer comments and questions in a professional and timely manner. You can choose to interact personally with all or some of the comments. Or, because you are already extremely busy running your business… I can take care of all of that for you! With some general information from you I will be your online receptionist/public relations/reply guy! Your customers will have their questions answered or be directed to the right information, department, or person as soon as is humanly possible.

This, is very important! There is nothing worse than sending a message to a business and having to wait a few days, a week, or more for a reply. Or even worse… never getting a reply at all.

Sponsored ads: If you really want to build some interest quickly in a particular promotion, event, or service… for an additional fee (platform ad charges only), I can create a targeted ad campaign to do just that. It’s really quite affordable and effective compared to Radio or print. Or, without spending any money on sponsored ads, we can keep things simple and grow your following organically with consistent and engaging posts.

You probably already know that when you buy radio ads… the radio station will write, voice, and produce your ads as part of the package. So why would you pay someone else to do it?  Two words: Highlighter pen. You know how a highlighter pen makes certain words stand out on a page amongst all of the other words? Well, a signature voice and style representing your business can really make your ads stand out from all of the other ads. Unlike a radio station with hundreds of clients but only a handful of creative writers and voiceover talent… I will be your very own radio production guy! I will be 100% focused on creating consistent, memorable and entertaining ads for your business that will make your listeners automatically think of your business just by hearing my unique, recognizable, one-of-a-kind voice (we all have one by the way). Your ads will definitely STAND OUT from the crowd.


I have been involved with Radio voice-overs since I was a 19 year old with a pretty sweet mullet (it was the style at the time). Over the years, I have produced hundreds of radio commercials for many different clients. The Great Northern Casino (Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada) has been one of my clients for the past 21 years. I manage their on-hold phone messages, weekly phone directory services, radio production, and since October 2018 I have managed their Social Media and website updates as well. See for yourself when you get a moment. (Go ahead, click that link. You know you wanna’).


A few samples

On-hold Message

Starting at $195

Based on a minimum one minute recorded business message.

Updates/changes/additional time are prorated at $75/30 seconds of recorded production.

Includes copy-writing, voice-over, production, legal background music (if desired).

A broadcast quality MP3 file can be uploaded directly into your digital phone system, or emailed to you.

Weekly Phone directory

Starting at $395/monthly

Your directory listings, hours of operation, weekly specials & promotions will be updated as needed once per week and ready for business open each Monday morning.

Includes copy-writing, voice-over, production, legal background music (if desired).

A broadcast quality MP3 file can be uploaded directly into your phone system, or emailed to you.

Social Media Manager

Starting at $695/month

Requires Facebook and/or Instagram business page.

3 Posts per week will be scheduled for maximum audience viewing on Facebook.

Double your reach, with 6 posts per week (add $300) – more frequency = more engagement.

Increase your following and add Instagram (add $150 for 3 posts/week. Or $300 for 6 posts/week).

Full time Engagement management is included with both platforms.

Signature Radio Production (prices vary).

Once I know the length of ad, and the number of ads you require …I will provide you with a solid quote.

Contact me today and let’s have a chat about your business. I will put together a just the right services and quote for you.

I love what I do …and would love an opportunity to do what I do …for you!