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Your Wedding deserves to be unforgettable.

I provide personalized entertainment services in Central Alberta and beyond that will help make your wedding celebration fun and very memorable!

I will personally take care of all of your music, entertainment, itinerary, and production needs, from planning to completion. You can relax knowing that everything is being handled by a qualified, invested, experienced and caring professional. Then, you can just focus on what matters most …enjoying each and every moment!

And there will be a lot of moments to enjoy!

For an unforgettable wedding experience...
The Immaculate Reception (8 hrs. total)
  • 7+1 hours of consecutive music and entertainment services.
  • ‘Stress-less’ wedding planning tools and assistance.
  • Early set up …completed before guests arrive.
  • Just the right cocktail/dinner music …at just the right volume.
  • Complimentary MC Services.
  • Custom Grand Entrance Introduction.
  • Hands on sound production and transitions throughout toasts (no awkward silences).
  • Interactive DJ entertainment hosted by Klay Tate.
  • Full range, slim profile sound system (suitable for up to 150 guests).
  • Warm and colorful dance lighting.
  • Awesome mix of the most popular ‘family friendly’ dance and party music.
  • Backup equipment (for guaranteed performance).
  • 2 Million dollars liability insurance & Connect music licence (for everyone’s protection).
  • Includes 1 hr of complimentary background music at the end of the dance (while we pack up).


This package may suit you perfectly, or you may wish to add some additional services to help make your wedding entertainment experience everything you want it to be (see below).

Let’s schedule a phone call. Once I know your ideas, wants, and needs …I can customize a package that suits you perfectly, and give you an exact quote. I love talking weddings!

Once your date is booked, we can make any additions/changes to your timeline and services as we go. The most important thing is to secure your date. Your Immaculate Reception date is secured with a $500 non-refundable booking deposit, and a signed service agreement.

Additional services available to help create the perfect wedding entertainment experience:

  • Surround sound
  • Cold sparkler fountains
  • Wireless Ceremony Production
  • Big Screen entertainment package
  • Superfun photo booth

Incentives may be offered for combined services. Let me know which services interest you, and I will prepare a custom package and quote just for you.

Description of services:

Stress-less Wedding Planning Tools & Services:

I provide everything you need to plan the perfect wedding; from timeline, to itinerary, to music selection. I will help personalize your wedding every step of the way in order to minimize stress and maximize ‘connection’ between you and your guests. Even if you have hired an Event planner…this service covers everything else that has to do with creating a smooth flowing, stress free, and enjoyable wedding entertainment experience!

Cocktail /Dinner Music & Sound Production:

Just the right background music (at just the right volume) helps create the perfect atmosphere. The sound will be constantly monitored to ensure that announcements and toasts are heard clearly. And with some perfectly timed musical transitions and fillers …there will never be any awkward silences (and everyone will be really entertained as well)!

Complimentary MC Services:

The MC sets the stage, and must make a good impression. The perfect wedding MC is organized, personable, and a comfortable public speaker. And most importantly …has the ability to do all of this …completely sober. I’ve seen some otherwise organized Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, or Friends get very ‘unorganized’ after a few cocktails. If you have someone in mind that will handle the role like a pro …perfect! I will provide everything needed in the background to help them shine like a star!

If not …as an included service, I will take care of everything! And, with a little bit of information from you, I will add those personalized touches that will help create such a good connection, that your guests will wonder how long we’ve known each other (true story). I will keep things flowing smoothly, while keeping you and your guests informed, entertained, and smiling from cocktails through toasts. And, the best part is …your Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, or Friend can sit back and relax (with a cocktail or three) and just enjoy themselves without having to MC.

Wedding DJ Entertainment Package:

I will work with you in advance to choose your desired wedding songs, and then play them at exactly the right time. Then, at the reception, by taking requests and reading the room (like a pro) …I will keep the dance-floor busy with an awesome mix of the most popular ‘family friendly’ dance & party music from all time (yes, I take requests). This package includes a full range active sound system, plus tasteful dance lighting that will provide warmth and energy on the dance floor (without shining annoying beams of light into your guests eyes).

Surround Sound (AKA: Smart sound):

An additional pair of speakers placed around the room will result in incredible sound coverage at a much lower volume. This means everyone will hear announcements and speeches at a much more comfortable level. This is the solution for larger, wider, longer, divided wedding venues; and/or any event of 150+ people.

Big Screen Video Entertainment Package:

Imagine romantic, fun, quotes and photos setting the mood and stimulating conversation throughout cocktails and dinner.  Or perhaps a slide show/video of your life/love story. Or maybe an interactive video trivia game. The possibilities are endless! With this 6’ x 8’ (108″) rear projection screen… no cables or projector are visible, or in anyone’s path.  Which, allows me to also use the screen throughout the night to entertain everyone with funny video clips, interactive dance videos and more! And, I provide a complimentary backup projector and computer for guaranteed performance!
* If your space does not allow for a big screen…no worries. I can provide two 50″ flat screens on 6′ skirted stands.

Complimentary Cool-down Music (+):

As we pack up our equipment (approx. 1 hour), you and your guests will enjoy some background “feel good” music …while drinks are finished, taxis are called, and other plans are made. It’s a great way to cool things down …naturally!

Superfun photo booth:

Interactive ‘photo-tainment’ for your event! (See photo booth page)

Wireless Ceremony Production

Whether your wedding ceremony is in a Church, hotel, restaurant, backyard, park, field, on a beach, or a mountainside …you deserve to have everything go perfectly.

I will provide everything you need to help make it perfect! And I will set everything up so that it blends in and compliments your location.

Ceremony package includes:

  • Stress-less Ceremony planning tools and assistance.
  • Music on 30 minutes prior to welcome your guests.
  • Professional full range dual speaker sound system (set up “ninja style”).
  • Wireless hands free lavalier mic for the wedding officiant.
  • Wireless hands free lavalier mic (to pick up both of your voices).
  • Personalized Welcome, Processional, Interim, and Recessional music.
  • Complimentary backup equipment is included for guaranteed service.

Packages typically range between $350 (Indoors, exact same set-up as reception) to $500 (Outdoors, or in a different location …which calls for an additional system). The exact price for your ceremony production will be depend on the location, timeline, equipment required, and power availability. Discuss your dream ceremony with me today, and I will help make the dream come true!

* GST will be applied to total services.

* All services to be provided on the same day.

* All packages include Connect music licence and 2 million liability insurance.

* Prices and packages are subject to change without notice.

* Additional charges may be added for certain destinations.